The aim of the DRVOtehnika review magazine is to present technological processes, companies, facilities, news and wood-processing practice, production of furniture, building and forestry, as well as producers of equipment, machines, tools, metal reinforcements, paint, varnish and other repro-materials in a popular, informative, current and educative way for the sake of mutual cooperation and marketing interest which is based on the association of wood processing with the market and target public groups.

Prices of a colour review and advertising space in the DRVOtehnika magazine are in euros:

1/1 one page 640 €
One half of a page 420 €
One third of a page 340 €
One quarter of a page 260 €
One sixth of a page 180 €
Inner sides of the cover page (K2 and K3) 680 €
Back cover (K4) 740 €
The price of the third, fourth and last page of the book section 680 €
Announcement on the front cover and a logo of about 20 cm2 260 €
Advertisement on the front cover page 940 €
Advertisement on the front cover page, a photo in full colour together with a report on one of the inside pages (with the editorial art solution) 1580 €
Inserted advertising material (up to 50g) 560 €
Publishing a logotype together with the address and contact phone number in the BUSINESS CLUB DRVOtehnika section on the space of 58 by 34mm   50 €
Annual subscription for users abroad. 50 € 

For five subsequent advertisements, the sixth one is free (which refers to constant announcers and companies which do not possess other sorts of discounts and settle their financial debts on time).

In case of special requirements, all the above prices are increased by 20%.

The dimensions of the magazine are 205 by 297mm. Unprepared materials and unfinished articles are to be delivered two months prior to the magazine issue date. Graphically prepared material should be delivered at latest 20 days before the magazine issue date in TIFF, EPS, PDF or JPF form, 300 dpi, CMYK or Corel Illustrator EPS document with the text converted into curves, pictures 1:1, CMYK.

The issue dates of the DRVOtehnika magazine are: January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, October 15th.  

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